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Medicare Part B Requirements

Medicare Part B Requirements

There are two types of Medicare coverage in which you are required to enroll when you become eligible: Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). Medicare is the primary payer for Medicare Part A services for Medicare-enrolled Funds’ beneficiaries. The Funds is the primary payer for Medicare Part B services if you have no other group health plan that is primary.

You are required to notify the Funds when you become eligible for Medicare. When you are Medicare-eligible, you must enroll in Part B in order to keep your Funds’ health services card. The Funds will not provide health benefits for beneficiaries who are eligible but not enrolled in Medicare.

If you are not enrolled in Medicare Part B at the time you are determined eligible for health benefits from the Funds, the effective date of your health benefits coverage will be delayed. If you decide to cancel your Medicare Part B coverage, your Funds’ coverage will also be canceled. Contact your Social Security Office for information about enrolling in Medicare.

The Funds has a special arrangement with the Medicare program. Your Medicare Part B services will be paid by the Funds. Your doctors can call the Provider Customer Service Unit at 1-888-865-5290, if they have any billing questions.

The Funds does not require you to enroll in either a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan.